About That Hard Rain

That's right: it is gonna fall. And @PattiSmith delivers the message in this elegant squib from The New Yorker; Find a few minutes to view her performance at the Nobel ceremony. Oh, The struggle of mastery, the call to performance, the flat out truth that we will stumble  alongside those 12 misty mountains.  She says "I felt the humiliating sting of failure, but also the strange realization that I had somehow entered and truly lived the world of the lyrics." She risked so much to honor the work, to serve its creator, to share its difficult message. And that is all any of us can do. Thank you Patti and kudos to Carolyn Patierno who riffed off this message in today's sermon at Fourth U. 

The Lyf So Short...

Chaucer (c. 1343–1400) observed "The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." I'll say. I've been wrestling with a story for more than a decade. One day I awoke with something braiding into my heart center; a genie had visited and dusted me with pixie droppings. Did I have the wazoo to bring it forth? So 15 years ago I began to follow it, to listen to it, to tame the story into submission. Abandoned it after seven years.  It's still there, gnawing at me like a squirrel in heat. Maybe it will be like the miracle of bamboo growing underground all those years  - sprouting forth with confident victory? Or not. Elizabeth Gilbert: surrendering to Big Magic. 

Story Time

I'm more convinced than ever that stories will save us. They always have. Don't you agree that if we had a global reading group of Dr. Seuss's "Butter Battle Book" we'd have a real shot at world peace?  I'm underway with @KristaTippet's #BecomingWise: she recounts words from @RachelNaomiRemen  "..the important knowledge is passed through stories. It's what holds a culture together. Culture has a story, and every person it it participates in that story. The world is made up of stories; it's not made up of facts." More on storytelling from the genius behind #BrainPickings @MariaPopova.