Dreams, shake hands with Reality.

Most of us give up some part  of our dreams as we face the demands of adult living–making  a buck, building a nest, being there for loved ones. These choices make sense situationally—and they can be pretty darn exciting. Yet most of us have dreams that are put on hold as we settle in.

How can we find our way back to what nourishes our soul and get practical about unique ways to thread our dreams into the day to day?

We Reclaim Plan A.

Plan A quote.jpg

The Workshop: Brief, Reflective and Guaranteed to Spur Thinking

You’ll set aside two focused hours to think with paper and pen (yup, it works  a part ofyour brain that a keyboard doesn’t) in a sequence that takes you on a rich and
rewarding journey guided by sparky stories and counter-intuitive questions - not the usual “where do you want to be in five years?” stuff.

  • Look back on key markers in the last year to create a   cushion as you set out with greater focus and tenacity in pursuit of your Plan A.
  • Leap forward as you envision the particulars of your flawless future.
  • Investigate deepest aspirations, what the real and perceived barriers are, and how a few simple habits can make a difference.
  • Design a path forward that identifies a handful of game changer actions to make the days add up to a Plan A week.

Reclaim Plan A is different, inspiring, practical...

  • Intriguing prompts drawn from multiple sources. From The Talmud to Gloria Steinem, Aaron Sorkin to Tibetan philosophers, we pull from multiple wisdom sources to stir up thinking.
  • Group silence. No forced sharing; the bulk of the workshop is done in a powerful community of silence. Arrive 15 minutes early, stay up to 30 minutes after. Meet people and find ways to connect with and support each other.
  • Based on fresh research. Did you know that if you have a well thought out Plan B you’re a lot less likely to achieve your Plan A? Seen on a billboard (really!): most people spend more time reading billboards than planning their future.
  • Rooted in success. We have used Reclaim Plan A’s underlying methods and frameworks for years with teams across the globe. They work. Now we’re adjusting the lens from a macro to a micro application: you.
  • Option—continue the learning. Complete a style instrument that offers insights on what may help or hold you back on your Plan A journey—and how you can use this information to your advantage. Your call. No pressure..

Who’s at the helm?

Thank you for asking. We’re a woman-owned business serving Fortune 500 clients, lively non-profits and educational institutions. You can learn more here. Your presenter, Janice Maffei, is a co-founder of VisionFirst along with Joanne Spigner, and a playwright too.